THP Connects is the life groups ministry of The Healing Place. It exists to fulfill the directive given by Christ to His disciples. Salvation is not the sole objective of Christ, nor is it the only goal of His church. It is simply the beginning of the journey of faith that we are all set on – the first step, if you will. While we do understand that the first step in this journey is the most important, as it starts us in the proper direction, we are called to more – to go and make disciples. Disciples are human expressions of their Savior. They are life examples of the model Jesus set forth in our world. Disciples are the mission because disciples embody Christ and replicate themselves, carrying the truth of Christ to their family, friends, coworkers and communities



THP Connects is dedicated to relationships, linking people to God and each other. In Acts 2, the early church launched this model. People met in their houses and shared – their meals, their possessions, their experiences, and their lives. They grew spiritually, emotionally and mentally. They grew together.


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